WordPress Advantage And Disadvantage

The Miracle Of Advantage And Disadvantage Of WordPress

WordPress Advantage And Disadvantage

Now a days WordPress is vary popular. 75 million sites are using WordPress. We all know about WordPress. In WordPress we make website easy. In this there are many advantages and some of disadvantages. So in this article we know about that. Now a days WordPress is very popular for make website like e-commerce, personal, blog etc. So now let’s learn about WordPress advantage and disadvantage.

WordPress Advantages:

1. Great Content Management System (CMS)

The first most advantage of WordPress is content management. In website very easy to navigate through the pages and content. So In WordPress have great CMS. For this you need to just basic skill require for setup.

2. Plugins

In WordPress there are so many free and paid plugin available. You can used of plugin make CMS easy. But you need to careful about plugin and need to select right plugin for your website.

3. SEO

In WordPress website make easy with SEO friendly. Because in simple website to compare WordPress website we can add Meta tags and description easily. And also there are so many different SEO plugin available so we can use of that plugin we make SEO easy.

4. eCommerce Sites

In WordPress more people are buying things online. So in this way buying and selling procedure online. WordPress have e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce. That WooCommerce have play a big role and make eCommerce website easy.

5. Forums

In WordPress also many forums plugin available so we can integrate forums easy in website. Like for contact forms, login forum etc.

6. Low Cost

WordPress is completely available free. And easy to install on your server. For this you just need to basic knowledge. And there are so many WordPress theme available free. So you can easy to make website in WordPress. You just 1 click and install that theme and easy to make website in low cost.

7. Performance

WordPress is very easy to design using minimal code with PHP. This way your site load very quickly. So WordPress performance good and some other plugin also available for improve website speed.

8. Mobile Friendly

This is one of big advantage of WordPress. Most themes in WordPress are integrated and compatible with mobile devices. So that your is complete responsive for all platform.

WordPress Disadvantages:

1. Custom Layouts Are Hard To Use

In WordPress customised is difficult. Because all CMS is depend on theme selection. So when we wan’t to customised so it’s difficult. Some of the designs are not easy to customised.

2. Lots Of Updates

In WordPress many plugin are used. So many time new plugin update. So we need to also update theme and plugin time to time.

3. Planning Is Needed

When we make website in WordPress so before need to planning related and also need to select that theme which have all requirement as per our business.


So in this way there are many advantage and disadvantage of WordPress. But we used carefully so no problem and we can make better website with low cost.


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