Learn About Broken Link In Website

Important think about broken link you need learn now

Learn About Broken Link In Website

In website after completed all think we need to check about for broken link. Broken link is also not good for website. This is down website and user experience. And that also effect on your search engine traffic. So we need to find broken link and need to fixed that. So we need to know about broken link. For improve website performance and user experience so we need to fixed that. Here learn more about.

Before know about link we need to know about what is good link and what is bed link. So we have more idea about broken links.

What is Good Link?

In website when click on link then redirect to other page that means that is good link. In website we can make link building for website. In page content there are some of internal link and some of external link. But good links means when we click and redirect any specific target so that means it’s good link.

What is Bed Link?

As we discus about good link. Same as possibility in website bed link also. That may be some developing problem and may be some time virus and malware problem. Which is create link so that link is bed link. Bed link generate automatically some time due to some malware. So when click on that link so no any action perform. So in this way we identify bed link in website.

And sometime its broken for a variety of reasons:

  1. You mistypes the types link like when you put link sometime extra space then it’s create broken link.
  2. The website linked to vanished.
  3. Sometime updated and the content no longer exists.

So many reason broken link generated. And don’t forget when you internal links when you need make updates to menu or pages also.

How To Fixed Broken Link?

For this you need to regular WordPress maintenance and keep on top of it. Also you need connect your website with Google Webmaster so that check the links as part of your and if any problem so give error and report you.

You also find broken link many way we discuss some tips about here.

1. Google Search Console

The Google Search Consol means Google Webmaster tool. You need to integrate in your website so Google find broken link in your website. And that also help for any issue related user experience. Google send you report from indexing your website.

So you need to fixed that link and you can improve your website performance easy.

2. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a one of popular plugin for WordPress. In this also menu option for linking. So that also help for fix your links directly from WordPress.

3. Broken Link Check

This one of tools is also help for check broken link.

In this way so many other tools available for check link. So you can used any tools and fixed your link.

How To Fixing Your Broken Links?

You can using that tool you find easy that broken links but you need to fixed them once they have been identified. There are a some few options available for fixing links.

1. Correct The Link:

if that link by mistyped so you can correct and give proper link. So in this way you can fixed that link.

2. Remove The Link:

If that link is no longer exists so you need to remove that link.

3. Replace The Link:

You can also replace that link and fixed that link.


So in this way you find the broken link and fixed that broken link and improve website performance.

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