Increase WordPress Speed

10 Important Tips For Increase WordPress Website Speed

Increase Wordpress Website Speed

Now a days all business is online. So every business need website. As per google rank you need to make website responsive and speed up. Website speed is very important think. You need for this good hosting provider and many other think for increase website speed and it’s performance. If your website speed slow so your 70% customer leave and you loss sales. So here i explain tips about how to increase speed.

1. You need Quality Hosting Provider

One of the most important think you need to select good hosting provider. Because in your website 70% performance is depend on hosting. You need to also select as per your requirement hosting plane. This is first step for increase website speed. If you find cheap Web Hosting Server so it’s good but you need to also inquiry for regarding server plan. Because if that hosting server every day down so you also loss your customer sale and users.

In this way when you find hosting server so you need to select good hosting provider company and first inquiry about your requirement so company provide best plan as per your requirement. I am prefer Hostinger is the best for hosting provider and also many more discount provide and SSL also free with domain. So I recommend Hostinger for web site hosting.

2. Use Light WordPress Theme

In WordPress there are so many theme available. In this you need to select simple and light theme if you wan’t fast and more performance. Because if you select other theme so it’s take more loading time.

3. Keep Your Web Technology Up to Date

The third important think is you need to up to date your technology like php, html, css etc. You need used always latest php version so in this way also your website performance increase.

4. Use Latest Version of WordPress and Update Plugin

You need to used always latest WordPress version so that in this way you also increase your website performance. You also need to update WordPress plugin time to time. So in this way increase your website security.

5. Avoid Install More Plugin

You need to used only that plugin which is need to important in your website. Because in WordPress many plugin available. But you need to avoid more plugin in your website.

6. Regular Maintain Database

Database also one most important think about website speed. Database also need space in server so you need to maintain database regular and delete that data which no require.

7. Monitoring Speed

You need to monitoring website speed time to time. So in this way you know website performance and it’s speed. For Speed many online website available. But here I am recommended GTmetrix.

8. Decrease Server Requests

You need to decrease servers request. From server request necessary to completed loading like style sheet, css and images etc. So you need used should be as few as possible. So in this way also your website speed increase.

9. Optimize Images.

You need to used few as possible images. Because if you used high quality image so it’s take long time for loading. So that it’s effect in your website loading time. You need to optimize images for increase website speed.

10 Keep Your Site Secure And Used SSL Certificate

You need to keep your site secure from brute force attack. For this you can used Cloudflare and also you need to used SSL certificate for your website. Now a days Google recommended SSL certificate.


This is very important tips for increase your website speed. Follow up this tips and make your website secure and speed up.

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