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What is CMS? Know About Content Management System

What is CMS? Today, almost every dynamic website on the Internet has a CMS behind it. If you are also going to create a website or blog, then you must also know about CMS.

If there is no CMS, it takes a lot of time to create a website, you have to do every little bit by coding yourself.

The content management system has made website development very easy, through this you can create a website in a few minutes.

Today we will talk about this web content management on some important points given below:

What is CMS? (What is Content Management System)

The full form of CMS is Content Management System, it is a type of software from which the content of a website can be created, updated or managed without any special technical knowledge.
You know that it takes a lot of coding to build a website, many HTMLYou have to create files, manage databases, if all these tasks are done manually, then for this, you have to have a good knowledge of web development.

Simply put, CMS is a kind of system where you do not have to do any kind of coding, you just have to write and post your content in an easy interface.

How does CMS work?

CMS provides its users with a simple GUI (Graphical User Interface) like Microsoft Word, through which we are able to upload content to our website easily.

CMS is designed by experienced programmers. In this, collections of many functions are made for each work, that works automatically or by the instruction of the user.

For example, if you want to upload an image on your website, how will you do this work without CMS? You will have to go to the server and upload your image via FTP to the appropriate folder in the database.

But you can do the same thing by CMS in just a few seconds. Actually, it goes like this: When we select the image and click on the upload button, the function related to it will be executed in the backend and our image will be automatically saved in the database.

In the same way, functions are made for every work, there are some functions which are executed automatically, like if you have written a post and schedule it, then it will automatically publish your post at the specified time.

The content management system has two parts:

  1. Content Management Application (CMA): This CMA is responsible for creating and managing your content. It works by storing the data or content you input on the database.
  2. Content Delivery Application (CDA): Its job is to extract data from the database and show it to the visitors of the website.
These two parts together make your work easier.

What types of websites are made with CMS?

Through CMS you can create almost every type of website. Below we have tried to describe some types of websites that you can create through CMS:
  • The blog
  • Social media websites: eg Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • News website
  • Ecommerce
  • Business website
  • Job portal
  • Portfolio website
  • Business directory
  • Online forum
  • Review website
  • Classifieds site
  • Static website
  • Coupon site
  • Auction website
  • Online examination system
  • School / College Management Website
Apart from all these, many other types of websites can be created. If you know about any other type of website other than these, then do let us know by commenting.

Examples of CMS software

Although there are many platforms of CMS, some of the 3 best CMS are as follows:


It is the most used CMS in the world. It is very easy to use. Till date, crores of websites have been created using this platform. It is made in PHP and most of the blogs available on the Internet have been created by this platform. This is the first choice of bloggers.

There are thousands of plugins here that you can increase the features of your website by installing. Here is the matter of website designing, those who do not know HTML, CSS can also do this work easily by the WYSIWYG editor.

Joomla: Joomla an open-source CMS platform. Joomla slightly more advanced than WordPress. Like WordPress, it is very easy to install and it is also easy to work on it.
Here also you will find many types of plugins and extensions. If you want to change the look of the website, a variety of themes are also available. Apart from this, you are also able to use some paid resources.
Joomla also provides you multilingual support, for this, there is no need to install any additional plugin.
Drupal: Drupal also an open-source CMS. Due to its user management system, permission settings, and security features, it is a preferred platform for business websites, sites of government organizations, portals etc.
If it is a bit difficult to use but if you have knowledge of web development then it may prove to be the best CMS for you.
Apart from these three, there are many other CMS platforms like Magento (e-commerce), Squarespace, Wix which are used as per the requirement.

How to create a website with CMS?

Some common steps are create a website from any CMS:
  • Buy a domain name and hosting.
  • Install the content management system of your choice in the hosting server.
  • Configure CMS as needed.
  • Install theme, extensions and necessary plugins for the website.
  • Now start writing and uploading your content.
These are some easy steps with which you can easily create a website or blog.


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