10 Secrets About What Is A Database

10 Secrets About What Is A Database? You Can Learn!

What is a database and Secrets of database? Who uses it? What are its benefits?

If all these questions are coming in your mind then you must read this article.

Whether it is a small business, a government organization or a multinational company, a website or a web application, even the games you play in mobile or watch an online video are data everywhere.

Have you ever wondered where all this data is kept and how it is managed?

All these are possible with the help of the database. Today we are going to discuss about this in this article.

What is data?

Before understanding the database, it is important to know what the data is. Data is a small part of any information. It can be a fact related to a person, object or place.

Such as your name, your age, height, weight, mobile number etc. are some data related to you.

Data can be in many different types of formats like text, number, image, file etc.

When these data are processed in a particular form, it becomes information.

What is a database?

A database is a group of many data. These data are stored in the database in an orderly manner so that they can be easily accessed when needed. You know Secrets about database.

You must have used Microsoft Office Excel where we use a table to store data which we divide into several different columns to make our work easier.

Similarly, in the database, the data is stored in a table that contains many columns and rows, which makes them easy to access.

There can be many such tables inside a database.

Where are the databases used?

There can be many examples of this and it is quite difficult to tell about all. We give below some examples where a database is used:

1. Online video streaming:

Whether you watch videos on Youtube or watch your favorite web series on Netflix, every video streaming site uses a database to manage its data, where information from the details of the video to the users watching it also stores. it occurs.

2. Online Gaming:
Have you played a PUBG game? If yes then you must have seen that many millions of users are playing the game simultaneously, have you thought about how so many users and their gaming history will be managed by their name? Obviously, the database is being used here as well and without this, it is not possible.
3. Stock Market:
There are hundreds of companies registered in the stock market and their shares are moving up and down every second. There are transactions worth more than billions of rupees every day. Where will all these accounts live? Here, without the database, it will not work.
4. Aadhaar Card:
You must have made Aadhaar Card also, during this time you will have to give all kinds of information such as your name, date of birth, name of parents, even your fingerprints and retina marks of your eyes. Where do you think all this information will be kept and where. There is also a need for a database here.
5. Railway Reservation System:
From ticket booking to live status of the train, the information is kept in a database.
6. Banking:
We do thousands of transactions every day through banks and we can do this only with a mobile app without going to the bank. So how banking has become so easy that we can send or receive money sitting at home. All this is possible only because of the database which manages all bank transactions.
7. Social Media: 
We are all on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus so that we can share our thoughts and connect with our friends. Millions of users have signed up on these social media platforms.
8. Online shopping website:
We have given the example above. The information about anything you buy from an e-commerce site is safe for years, which you can see anytime in your shopping history.
What are the benefits of a database?
Let us now know why one should use the database and what can be its benefits:
  • It is easy to insert new data, edit and delete old data.
  • It is easy to filter data.
  • Multiple applications or users can access the same database simultaneously.
  • Importing or exporting data from a database table is very easy.
  • It provides more security than paper files.
  • Reduces Redundancy.
  • Keeps programs and data separate from each other.
  • It provides features like backup and recovery.

What is the DBMS (Database Management System)?

You have understood what a database and Secrets of database is and what are its benefits, but to understand how a database works, you need to know about DBMS.
Actually, for this work, we need software through which we can create a database and access it and perform many types of operations on it.
DBMS provides an interface through which we can do many things like:
  • Create Database
  • Create a table
  • Inserting data into a table
  • Retrieve Data
  • Updating already stored data
  • Delete data etc.
Apart from all this, the job of DBMS is also to keep the data secure so that the Secrets unauthorised person cannot access it. Although there are many DBMS software, but some of the most used programs are as follows:
  • Mysql
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • IBM DB2
  • PostgreSQL
  • SimpleDB
Apart from all these, there are many other options for database management. There are many organisations that use their own software according to their needs. So in this way you need to understand what is Secrets of database.

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