Important Of Responsive Web Design

Why Important Responsive Website?

Now a days all market online working. So that we need to make website. We know about all think of website related. But in this we also need to know about website responsive design.

What is Responsive Website and Design?

Responsive website design means create once and publish the same content everywhere but display need to support for all device. It need optimized and easy to read format and access of variety devices and webs browsers on different platforms.

There are 3 main components of Responsive Design

  • Flexible Layouts
  • Media Queries
  • Flexible Media

Flexible Layouts

Flexible layouts means grid to create the website layout that will need to dynamically resize to any width.

Media Queries

Media queries allows designers to specify with different styles for specific browser and devices.

Flexible Media

Makes media like images, video and other formate scalable by changing the size of the media. If your website is not responsive so in SEO rank also not good. Google also like responsive website. So if you wan’t rank in search engine so you need to make website responsive.

You need to focus on user and user experience. A responsive design is specifically made to impress and help you user. Now a days all user work and open website on Mobile. So Google also says your website need mobile friendly.

In responsive website you need to used single URL will serve the purpose. URL will provide you with a unique identity for your business website. This is very important for page rank.

How To Know Your Website Is Responsive Or Not?

Now a days WordPress is good for make website design. When you make website so in WordPress also give for test responsive. In this you can check layout for web browser, mobile device and tablets. So If your website layout display same in all browser so that your website is responsive.

Google also help you when some error and not responsive website. So you need to fixed that error that also help to up to date. Here some important step you need to take in this respect:

Use Webmaster Tools

You can use of Google Webmaster tools to access mobile usability of your website and analytics tool to know about the mobile usability statistics. You can see on that dashboard and find issue related mobile friendly. This tools free and you can check individual errors and then redirector to the specific issue. So in this way Google webmaster tools help you.

Reduced Bounce Rate

You also need to check most of the time mobile content tend to strop down. This also demands and scrolling. You need to user experiment and you need to check dissatisfaction resulting in significant increase in the bounce rate. This is negative impact on website page rank. For you you can used of google analysis you can check your bounce rate and you need to do reduce bounce rate.

Fix Errors

If you find some error in your website so you need to fixed that error soon as possible. You need to also check time to time your website so that you also know if any error. Some time in technology update so in this way in your website also chance for error. So that you need to fixed that soon.

Frequent Testing

You need to check your website time to time and need to always up to date. In this way your Google rank also increase, bounce rate reduce and you get more sale from your website. You also need to check your website speed, loading time etc.


So in this way you can improve rank on Google Search Engine used of Responsive Website Design. Responsive web design allows you to stay ahed of your competition and better user experience for your users.

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