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Promote Yourself As A Freelancer Tips You Need To Learn Now

Freelancer Tips For Fiverr And UpWork

If you are a freelancer, then you also do your business. Every business you need to promote yourself. If you plan to make money as a freelancer work so you need to develop a brand or make yourself strong profile. Here some of tips help to more stronger.

There are many freelancer website available in the market like Fiverr, freelancer, Upwork and many more. But if your profile not stronger than no one give you any job. So how to make strong profile in any freelancer i guide you.

  • Completed your profile
  • Showcase your best work portfolio
  • Job title and your identity
  • Make personal website
  • Promote your profile in Social Media
  • Complete Test if available
  • Ask for review

Completed your profile

As a freelancer you need a complete your profile in any freelancer website. Your profile is a one of the first things for your client impression. Make completed profile and give brief description and your personality to shine through.

In your profile add your profile photo. That profile photo need also professional so any client see to impress. Also in your profile describe your service in brief. And also showing your work portfolio and make also video promote. In this way make complete your profile.

Showcase your best work portfolio

The second think is need to make good portfolio. You need to completed describe detail with image and video and make a strong portfollio so that any client to see and impress from your work.

Portfolio is very important thing in freelancer website. 80% client see your last work and give you job. so possible make big portfolio as per your job title.

Job title and your Identity

The third think is also very important in your freelancer profile that is job title. When you submit any job proposal then need to clear job title. Your job title is also need to match as per client requirement. And also make your identity. For example If you are graphics designer then make your logo in your profile. Your identity also identify your profile.

Make personal website

If possible so make your personal website. And add that link in your profile. Form your website on your profile client learn more about you. In this way 60% client convert in your website also. So you get more job form. In your website also add your work and portfolio so client see your work and give you job directly.

Share your profile in Social Media

The most important think is promote your profile in social media. Now a days social media is very important think. In Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn is very powerful for promoting yourself online. In this social media you also promote your self so you get more work.

Completed test If available

In many freelancer website available test like Upwork, Fiverr etc. So if you give in this test and make more score so client know your skill and your skill so in this way 40% client give you work.

Ask for review

Last most important think is review and referrals. When you completed job for client so ask for review. 80% clients see review in your profile and give you work. So if in your profile review is more and more so you get more job from other clients. And you get review when your job is done and client is satisfy from your work.


Client satisfaction is very important think for continue for work with. So in this way this all think is very important as a freelancer.


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