5 Important think you should to learn before Publish Apps and Games

Important Tips For Apps & Games

In games and apps market is very big. Every one wan’t earn money from games and apps. Some time you make good apps and games but if it’s download not more so you not get good earning from this. So many people invest money for promote games. Here I explain some technique for promote apps and games. You need to learn before publish so you can save your money from promotion.

So let’s started: How to promote Apps and Games in most effective way without spending any money. If you follow this step so you get more download and in this way you also get more earning from your apps and games.

There are so many think you can do to promote your apps and games for get more visibility.

  • ASO

ASO is very important think about for best ranking possible. No-one know how Google’s algorithm works in detail. But if you do ASO for your games so you get more visibility in download and ranking.

  • App Name

The second think is also more important. You need to find your app or game name used of ASO. So in this way you get easy to more visibility. For this you need to first find your competitor and make your game or app name like this. There are so many tools available for this so you can easy to find for that.

  • App Description

App description is also very important think for more visibility and download. In play store there are two description you need to added. First is short description and second is long description. In short description you need to make with your title and need to add focus keyword for your games and apps.

In long description you can enter 4000 words. But in this you need to do like first 167 character make more attractive. Because they will always visible in the play store. And you need to focus keyword enter 5 times in long description. You need careful about focus keyword. Don’t enter your focus keyword more then 5 times.

  • App And Game Icon & Screenshot

The one more most important think is icon. Most user is first see icon so you need to make app and game icon in high quality so user eye catch and attract with your app and games. Icon is very important think for promotion.

And screenshot also very important. You need to make high quality and attractive screenshot. So user attract with your game icon and screenshot so it’s download your apps and games. In screenshot you also write some focus keywords.

  • Social Media

In your app and games you need to add social media for sharing game link. This is also important think about more promotion. All user used social media like Facebook, Twitter, Email etc. So in this way you get more promotion without spend money.


If you do this 5 think before publish your apps and games you get more visibility and download. In this way you no need to spend money for promotion.


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