Top SEO Tips to Increase Blog Traffic Right Now

5 SEO Tips To Increase Blog Traffic Right Now

To increase the traffic of your website, good positioning in the search engines is indispensable.

Diversifying your traffic sources and offering multiple contents is essential to increase the number of visitors to Google is a good way to regularly attract search engine robots on your site and increase your position in the results.

This post is specifically for Google and WordPress users, here are 5 SEO Tips to Increase Blog Traffic Right Now

5 SEO Tips to Increase Blog Traffic Right Now

Okay, here’s what I know you can do now to increase your SEO and your page views…

1. Remove Duplicate Content

Once you have everything set up correctly (i.e.: you’ve done steps 1-4 above), you can start digging into your blog to make sure it’s optimized for SEO. In this step, focus on removing duplicate content. This way SEO Tips help to more traffic in your website.

Duplicate content confuses the robots that crawl your site. For example, if you have multiple pages with the same meta description, this is seen as a duplicate piece of content (which is not good in Google’s eyes).

Also, if you have images that have the same file name, this is duplicate content.

To see if you have duplicate content on your site, go to:

Google Webmaster Tools Search Console → Search Appearance → HTML Improvements

Fix this content so you remove the duplicate content. There are probably other ways to figure out how to remove duplicate content through plugins or other paid-for sites, so those are options, too.

2. Your keywords

Feel free to spend time on your keywords; it is an essential element to generate traffic constant and targeted traffic. Your Keyword need to clean and clear at the same time and it’s meet a sufficient to have interesting traffic.

3. Remove Popups from Your Site

Google makes algorithm updates all the time. Recently, with the increased use of mobile users, Google has penalized sites that have pop-ups on mobile. If you want to do the best for your SEO, then don’t have a pop-up. The point is to know that having a pop-up will decrease your SEO.

4. Increase Your Site Speed

Your site speed affects your SEO. Google penalizes slow websites.

To check your site speed, use Google PageSpeed Insights. On this page, enter the specific URL you want to test. You will get feedback from Google with things you can fix. A lot of it may sound like technical jargon, so if you can’t fix it yourself, talk to your tech person.

5. Get Links Back To Your Site

One of the biggest influences of SEO is how many links go to your site. This is because the more links that go to your site, the more Google views your site as an authoritative site in your niche.

There are many ways to get links back to your site, including

1) guest posting on other blogs,

2) creating a second site yourself and linking back to your first site, and

3) asking other sites or bloggers to link to your site.

There are tons of different ways to get more links, but the emphasis here is that links matter. 

6. Increase the number of your external links

Again for the search engines, a site that is “recommended” by external links of good quality is a site that deserves to be ranked.

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