Important Of Internal Linking

Understanding The Background Of Internal Linking

Important Of Internal Linking In Website

After completed website we make backlink for our website. For this we create many backlink. But in Search Engine Optimisation also very important Internal Linking. Internal Linking is also great importance, particularly in website structure and extending link equality. This way proven In SEO Strategy always carries around internal linking.

Most of people only do for generating only backlinks for their websites, thinking it. For the bigger factors used by search engines to examine the quality of website and ranking purpose.

But there is another big factor related internal linking which ignore. As per like backlink important like that Internal links also very important for website. When we do on-page SEO in website then need to also create internal linking. So now here we discuss about Internal Linking.

What is Internal Linking?

Internal link is a page with hyperlink. That reaches out to the other pages under same domain. One of the best example for internal linking is Wikipedia. In Wikipedia so many dozens of internal link used in same pages.

Why it is so important?

And other search engines to understand what the other page are about. In our all page need internal linking.

Tips For Internal Linking:

For this we need unique and good and quality content in our website. Because without content we can not generate more Internal Link in our website. So first need to make good and enough content in our website. If you want to create many internal links so you need many pages with content.

When you have good high quality content then you can transform it into several linkable content. That more links to the other section of your website, that better your internal linking strategy for search engine optimization. You can also internal linking with depth content and organisational diagram and more like a web.

What is require For Internal Linking:

In your website for internal link we need to Anchor tag. Anchor tag is connect internal linking in our website. In this way order to support your website’s internal structures is require. In this way Anchor Tag used for Internal links.

For this you no need to optimize anchors tag. You just prefer as normal sentence fragments as anchor tag. It’s very easy to create Internal Linking in your page. For more place for Internal links is better the results will be. We do on-page SEO in this also we focus keyword used. So we can also used in this Internal Linking.

Where you need avoided Internal Links?

1 Home Page

In our website home page is very important. This page also very useful and home page also call like our landing page. So In Home page there are so many links to other pages of the website. So that you need to avoid internal link in home page.

2. Contact Us

There are so many person mistake made by many who are starters in content marketing. Many person pos with a call to action in contact page. But In website contact us page is very important. So don’t put internal link in contact us page.


So here we know about how Internal Link is important for website. So you can also add Internal Link in your website and make more SEO friendly.

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