10 Secret About Increase Download App and Games

10 Secret About Increase Download App and Games

Tips About Increase Download Apps & Games

You wan’t increase your app and game download? So this very important know this thing. In app store and play store there are so many games and apps. Every day upload many apps and games in the market. Some time our games or apps so good but download is very low. So why this happen? You need to promote your games and apps.

And paid promotion is very costly so that here there are so many point which is help to increase download your apps and games. This all method is very effectively. This steps only take your cost of time and we are confident if you do this you get increase in a number of followers and download apps and games. So let’s start.

Make Eye Catching Icon

In Apps and games first impression is need eye catching icon. If your app and games not look nice icon so people not impress with your app and games. If your games and apps good but icon is not look nice and not good quality-wise so in this way also your download not increase. So first you need to make eye catching icon for your games and apps.

Make High Quality Screenshot

The second think is also very important about games and apps need to make high quality screenshot. In App Store and Play Store user eye only showing first icon and then screenshot. 99% people only showing icon and screenshot. If he like so download your apps and games otherwise leave. So you need to make high quality screenshot. In screenshot also you can write some text so that people easy to understand about your apps and games.

App Store Optimization

The third think is very important about your app and games need to ASO description. In this you need to add focused on keyword and make good description. For this you need to compare your competitor app and games and find best keywords for your apps and games. App Store Optimization is very important fact for more download. In description part add brief description about your game and app.

Social Network Sharing

The fourth part is need to share your app and game link on social media. The best way is you need to add this function in your app and games. So user easy to share your apps and games on social media and share your app and game link to other so that you get more downloads.

You also need to do share game link in different social media. Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more.

Ask For Review

You need to add button for review so that user give feedback about your apps and games. Review is very important think for games and apps. If someone give any feedback so you need also give replay positive about that review. So in this way user also happy for your support . And this type of review also make good and bug free your app and games.

Upload Apps And Games In Alterative App Stores

Most of people only upload apps and games in Google Play Store and Apple Appstore. But in market there are so many alternative app store available. So if you not expected download from google play store and app store so you need to used some other app stores. Here some of good alternative App Store which make 2x your download.

  1. Amazon Appstore
  2. GetJar
  3. Opera Mobile Store
  4. SlideMe
  5. AppLib
  6. AppBrain

The above store also good so upload your Apk or Ipa in this store same like process play store and app store. You need to upload icon, screenshot, description etc so that after approval you apps and games live in this store also. So you get more download from this.

Create App and Games Blog

Blog is very important to promote games and apps. So make your personal website and in this make blog post. This is very effective promotion strategy which you give more audience and help to increase download. In blog post describe features and also add including a call to action and make download button and in this insert like for App Store and play store. In this way more traffic create and you get more popularity.

Also in this add good description about your app and game and also make good video and eye catching icon and screenshot. So that audience interesting for download from your blog. So that you need to prepare blog for your every games. And share your blog in social media so that it’s very powerful strategy for promoting.

Make Demo Video

The second is effective strategy is video. Some of people not know how too used. So that make demo video for that so user easy to know it usage and know about apps and games. In this way 70% people like that. Video also help for marketing. You need to share your demo video in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social media. So that it’s easy too promote and in this description make call to action and make hyper link for download. In this way you also get more traffic.

Join Games And Apps Review Group

In social media there are so many groups available for review exchange and paid review. This also help to increase your download. You also ask for feedback for your app and games in this way in social media is very effective for promotion. Join groups and make relation with each other and in this way you do free cross promotion marketing.

Regular update Your Game And App

In google play store and App Store some time many new device available  and it’s policy change. So in this way you need to update your app and game regularly when change. And also update when you give feedback for bug. So in this way user like your app and also share for someone. It’s very useful strategy about promotion.

This all tips is very important for developer. This is very useful for more download.

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