4 reasons why game

4 reasons why game are so addictive

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The claim that video games are addictive sounds a bit strained. But let’s admit, some titles can really tighten gamers for a long time. It got to the point that the World Health Organization recently officially recognized the existence of such a mental disorder as “addiction to games.” It has been included in the updated list of the International Classification of Diseases. Well, let’s figure out what exactly to drags us in games? Today, we have prepared a list of 6 reasons 


Game developers used this technique at the dawn of the video game industry. After all, it is beneficial for them to let gamers spend as much time as possible in games. Feedback tricks used to be pretty simple. After the gaming session, the slot machine gave us the number of points scored, and especially hard-core gamers could endlessly ply between the slot machine and the aunt-administrator of the gaming hall to exchange a trifle or buy another token since the result did not suit them.

Modern games have a much more complex feedback system. In addition to assessing the abilities of gamers, new elements have also appeared, such as a reward system, statistics of achievements and so on.

Multiplayer never ends

If story games end sooner or later, no matter how interesting and exciting they may be, then with multiplayer things are different. Session gaming (we are talking about competitive games with rounds of 20-30 minutes) can be very addictive to people, especially those who love to test their skills for durability. If you don’t know how to properly manage your emotions during competitions, then a series of victories or defeats in Dota 2, League of Legends or CS: GO can completely knock you out of your usual mode of life.

This is usually solved by self-discipline. It is important to remember that any successful eSportsman works not only on skill but also on the regime. Sleep, proper nutrition, daily routine – all this is no less important than leaving in time for a puddle in Vladimir.

DLC and infinite content expansion

The vido game industry has come a long way, and during this time, publishers have developed several techniques for keeping players in the game. One of them is additions and micro transactions. Thanks to these not too tricky moves, the content in the game is constantly expanding. As soon as you feel that you have achieved everything you wanted, the developers throw you a new portion of the gameplay, additional mechanics, “external” and so on.

Take a look at Sims 4. This game boasts one of the richest DLC collections in gaming. This simulator has been around for many years, but thanks to constantly adding content, Sims 4 still lives on.

Emotional attachment

Multiplayer game services are created to hold and increase the user base. This is the basis for a whole monetization model. But this does not mean that single games without additions and microtransactions are not able to deter gamers.

However, these games are taken by others. Developers spend years working on giant worlds, creating an atmosphere that will subsequently be able to keep you in the game for dozens, or even hundreds of hours. Think of Skyrim and the TES series as a whole or a series of games about Zelda. They tell stunning stories and coupled with interactive features, it causes emotions that cannot be compared with books, cinema, or anything else.

However, here the line is very thin between game addiction and healthy interest. Anyone who has managed to test or even go through all the major releases of the year is not necessarily unhealthy. Maybe he copes with his time management perfectly, while experiencing an unlimited passion for games that do not go beyond certain boundaries.


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