SEO Tips

Best SEO Tricks to Land Higher SEO Rankings

SEO Tips

Anyone with the website first needs to be found, be visible to the public and acquire many new visitors interested in their topics, products or services.

Everyone’s dream is to have their site appear on the first page of Google’s search results, but obviously, it’s not easy to emerge in the SEO off ​​the internet. Precisely for this reason, there is the SEO, a series of techniques aimed at analyzing all the relevant factors for indexing and proper functioning, to improve all aspects of the site to make it more visible to search engines and therefore to users.

In this guide, we will discover the best SEO tricks to get higher SEO rankings for your website.

Install SEO Plugin

We recommend Yoast (this is pretty common and highly recommended by a lot of bloggers). It’s a free plugin within WordPress and very easy to use. Yoast provides on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps, and other awesomely helpful features.

Remove Duplicate Content

Once you have everything set up correctly, you can start digging into your blog to make sure it’s optimized for SEO. Duplicate content confuses the robots that crawl your site. For example, if you have multiple pages with the same meta description, this is seen as a duplicate piece of content (which is not good in Google’s eyes).

Also, if you have images that have the same file name, this is duplicate content. To see if you have duplicate content on your site, go to:

Google Webmaster Tools Search Console → Search Appearance → HTML Improvements

You can see duplicate meta descriptions and title tags here.

Fix this content so you remove the duplicate content. There are probably other ways to figure out how to remove duplicate content through plugins or other paid-for sites, so those are options, too.

Redirect 404 Errors

When a robot crawls your site, if it goes to a link that is no longer working (e.g.: you deleted a blog post), the robot gets a 404 error page. Similarly, if a human goes to a deleted page, she will also get this 404 error.

The crazy thing is that robots see the weirdest 404 errors that readers would rarely ever get to. But, the only thing you need to worry about for SEO is that 404 errors are negative when it comes to SEO, so you need to redirect them. A few 404 errors are okay, but hundreds are not.

To find 404 errors, go to:
Search Console → Crawl → Crawl Errors

Once you have identified the 404 errors, redirect them using a redirect plugin. We recommend Quick Redirects, a free plugin that allows me to redirect one link to another. By redirecting any 404 errors, you will increase your SEO with Google.

Write Blog Posts

Nowadays, your posts should be a minimum of 1,800 words to rank high with SEO. 2,000-5,000 would be optimal. Backlink is a great example. His entire blog has under 40 posts, and he consistently ranks the highest for SEO terms.

Use The Right Images

Images in a post are a good thing for SEO. And the more images in a post, the better.

The reason images boost your SEO on a page is that images are another place within the post where you can use your keyword. That’s why you should include your keyword in the file name, title name, and alt tag. If you don’t, Google won’t know what the images are and you won’t get the SEO boost. But if you do include this information (and make the file name, title name, and alt tag relevant to your keyword), Google will include it as more SEO juice for your keyword.

You should use smaller images with text wrapped around the image. This means that instead of having a pretty image that spans the whole width of your post, consider using a small or medium-sized image at the top of the post. The reason smaller images are better is that people stay on the page longer with smaller images at the top because they start reading your post right away.

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